New Website!!!

The new website is here! the new website is here!! 


It has been a long time coming, but the new website is finally here.  We are hoping to make the website more functional, user friendly, and more useful to boot!  And we think it's a whole lot prettier too.


We have put a lot of time into the new design, and hope that you like it.  We are definitely open to suggestions, though.  If there is a feature that you think should be added, let us know - we'll take a look.  If you have any problems with the new site, we want to know that too!  Just get in touch with us though the Contact Us links.    

(note to self - make "contact us" links) 

With the new site, you will need to re-register.  Registering is easy! Do it now!

We have all of the content from the old site archived, and we will be importing that into the new site over the coming weeks.  Please be patient - it's all here, just sifting through it and doing a little organization.