Lake Winni-Bavaria Drive and Picnic: Saturday May 18th

The thought is to keep this a local/regional get together.  All are welcome of course, however wanted to be sure we are not “overloading” the communications and the drives hence the smaller invitation list.  However by all means please forward this mail to others whom you may think could be interested. 

The idea is for everyone to bring a lunch dish/app/desert that has a Bavarian theme to it (or not) on Saturday 5-18. (Weather permitting & location to be confirmed) Possibly meet at Alton Bay, NH landing at 11AM. Go for a short scenic drive then congregate at some epic vista for a “Bavarian Picnic Lunch”  Bring your Wine, Beer, lunch, appetizer and enjoy a Bavarian Pot luck of sorts.  Martha and I are going to supply the Knockwurst and the small gas grill.  Goal is to relax, catch up with 02ers we may not have seen in a while, or that could not make the Impromptu, enjoy the spring mountain air and ambiance.  General feedback from the group is folks like Saturdays albeit it takes some planning, however it gives back Sunday.  If you would like to attend, or have  feedback/suggestions please let us know.  Also, my place in North Andover is available for pre/post drive accommodations if your drive is long too & from.

Interested? If so, please reach out to either myself or and Scott.

Once we get a sense of who is interested in attending I will send one last communications on the logistics detail mid to late next week.

Best Regards,


(INKA 76)